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Mindfulness Stress Busters: how to manage stress through mind-changing awareness

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•Are you feeling overwhelmed by the daily grind and find your
health and happiness suffering?
•Do you feel bogged down in the small stuff?
•Do you crave a way to detach and recharge?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, register for this stress-busting workshop!

Saturday, June 21 3:00-5:00pm
with Halli Bourne, Mindfulness Mentor
Yoga Del Sol Studio
11 Chambon Road, Lemitar, New Mexico
(505) 417-1986
$25, RSVP required

The truth is we need stress to keep us motivated, healthy and creative, but stress turns negative when we experience feelings of overwhelm, irritability, lethargy and more. However, when we are able to spot negative stress and approach it mindfully, we can be moved to action and satisfaction in areas of our life that need change. The recognition of how stress is affecting the way we are responding to the events of our life is an opportunity to shift unintentional habits into conscious acts of prioritization and true seeing.

In this workshop, you will learn:
• a simple and applicable definition of mindfulness and presence
• the distinction between pain and suffering and how both can be revolutionized
• the distinction between thinking and awareness and how awareness can change your
• accessible, on-the-spot practices to shift your experience of stress

From Marisa Wolfe, owner of Yoga Del Sol and host of this workshop:

I am very excited to invite you to this upcoming workshop with Halli. We all have stress in our lives. It is one of the biggest contributing factors to disease in our country, one of the biggest detriments to happiness, and, often, something that can be managed. Halli has a unique arsenal of tools based on many years of yoga, meditation, mindfulness practice and, of course, her own stress. Over the years that I have known her I have always been impressed by her ability to recognize her own stress. Once recognized, its possible to use it to your advantage or even lessen it. She has often helped me find an awareness that created a simple shift in perspective that made all the difference in the midst of the craziness of stressing out. I hope you will join us and prepare to dive into yourself, developing tools for your life to shift your perspective and awareness for greater ease. Read on for more information… See you then! Marisa

Halli Bourne is a Creativity & Performance Coach and a Mindfulness Mentor. With over twenty years of experience, Halli teaches her clients and students how they can experience contentment and authenticity through accessing their own creative intelligence. www.true-self-coaching.com

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