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Overcoming Performance Anxiety

stage fright

Phillip had been performing his one-man show for a year when he inexplicably went blank in the middle of his performance. Feeling his face flush hotly and his knees liquefy, he scurried off the stage and shelved his show.

Being groomed for a promotion, Annie considered turning it down to avoid the monthly presentations she would be expected to make in her new position.

Kristen had been writing songs for years, but, fearing rejection or judgment, refused to play them for anyone else. Each time she practiced her music, she fantasized about one day mustering the nerve to perform.

Does any of this sound familiar? PERFORMANCE ANXIETY is the number one reported fear of adult Americans and fortunately there are solutions!

In addition to the one-on-one coaching I offer my clients to excel in their creative, performance and life endeavors, I am developing additional resources to help people overcome performance anxiety. I would like to ask for your feedback about how your anxiety manifests for you specifically. Use this forum to comment and answer some or all of the following questions.

1. How long have you been dealing with performance anxiety?
2. In what situations do you find it rearing its ugly head?
3. What symptoms do you experience when it comes up? Headaches? Shortness of breath? Mental fog?
4. How is performance anxiety currently affecting your life?
5. What would you be able to do if you didn’t have this problem?

Please share as much as you can so that I can find ways to help you. I want to hear from you!


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