You were taught to make everyone else comfortable at your own expense. That’s over now. It’s your time.


Reclaim your power. Learn how to enjoy being alone and how to make yourself happy.

You’ve had the answers all along, my dear.

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  • Group Yoga & Meditation Classes online

Let’s get to the bottom of why you’re stuck right now.

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You’d be amazed what one hour of targeted coaching can do. Let’s hop on the phone or a video chat and dive in to get answers now.

Kinder World Donation

Want to see more kindness and consciousness in the world? Want to see people take care of the earth and each other? Through teaching people to be kinder and gentler with themselves, they let go of “otherness,” open to their true purpose, spread happiness to all the people, creatures and the precious earth they encounter. You’re making it possible for me to build a kinder world.