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9 Weeks to Returning to Who You’ve Always Been

When your days are spent constantly reacting to situations outside your control, you are expending the precious energy of your essence—what gives your life meaning and purpose. Read More

12 weeks to Loving Yourself Like No One Else

When you’re looking for love but you don’t love yourself, you’ll feel perpetually frustrated and unfulfilled. Yet when you slow down and tune into your own gifts of creativity and purpose, love and meaning are drawn naturally to you. Read More

6-Weeks to a More Empowered, Peaceful You

In this emerging New World you want to be a part of creating, the state of your inner life becomes your most valuable currency. In the world now crumbling and falling away, you were valued for what you produced and who you were with, Read More

Halli taught me how breath, energy, and spirit are all intertwined. The very real work through which Halli guides me has opened the way for great healing of my flesh and my spirit.”

– W.P., Albuquerque