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  • Remote private and public classes
  • Yoga, Meditation & Spiritual Life Coaching (which can include art & voice) to develop your own practice
Halli talks about yoga (meditation, art and music too!) the way other people talk about their partners: we’ve had our ups and downs…sometimes we really, really like each other, sometimes we need a little break…but we always come back together, our faith never shaken, the love never questioned. She’d been walking only a month when she took her first yoga class after breaking half her body. Within the first year, she was practicing every day. Yoga became a path to healing, to awakening, to purpose.
Halli is a Senior Level Yoga & Meditation teacher with training in Iyengar, Kundalini, Vini, and Kripalu Yoga. She specializes in adaptive yoga for all physical conditions, meant to honor people where they are, gently inviting them to slow down their restless mind and reconnect to their crucial spirit. She has taught all over the world and online, bringing new awareness and peace to the over-taxed, modern human.
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