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“After 9 short weeks, I notice not only how quickly I can connect with me but how this practice has really changed my daily life… From how I handle things at work to my relationships and how I care for son.  Just learning the Body Sensing technique alone changed my yoga practice!  It feels like I’m practicing for the first time… the overall awareness and focus, and connecting to myself has been life changing. I’m also a reiki practitioner and my sessions have become more powerful… in learning the breathing techniques, I move energy more freely without judgment or mindlessness thinking.” – Michelle Maloney, Wantage, New Jersey

“Halli has taught me how to slow down my seriously anxious mind… I’ve learned not to be afraid of my thoughts and feelings and that it’s not about getting rid of negative thoughts or feelings but instead, learning to be WITH them. Working with Halli has changed my life forever!” – Wendy Campbell, Belfast, Ireland

“Because of this course, I am catching my emotional reactivity now and am able to pivot away from it. I see now how important it is to just sit down and be present… to show up for the discipline that meditation requires, like learning any new instrument or art. I am more joyful as I reconnect with life and enjoy my travels both by myself and with friends and family. My art continues to sustain me and here I connect with being in the moment, of letting go and letting the creative feelings flow. I find I can go inside and stay calm.” – Maureen Wilks, Socorro, NM

“I leave every coaching session feeling empowered and uplifted.  I have experienced a shift in thinking and a willingness to let go of emotions I have carried with me, which has contributed to my overall health and relaxation. Halli showed me a considerable amount of support and encouragement when I needed it most in my life.  I would not have been able to move forward without her expertise, insight, reflection, and her own true sense of self. ” – J.P., Albuquerque, NM

I now have the self-confidence to try new things.  Halli gave me the gift of courage and self-knowledge needed to heal myself.”M.P., Sacramento, CA

Halli Bourne brings a clear and alert presence…She is aware, prepared, grounded, and wholly available.  Her questions were incisive and timed exquisitely, and served to lead me into deeper understanding and insight – at times, creating epiphanic moments.  Halli Bourne is a wise and powerful coach.”  -M.G., Austin, TX

Halli is a superb judge of character and possesses extraordinary intuition. She persistently authenticated my courage and my will to succeed. She was compassionate when I failed to keep up,  and relentless with holding me accountable for my serial lapses.  She understood well enough to push through the outer edges of my lame excuses and guide me into the open on the source of my inaction.  She is intuitive, quick-witted, productive and fearless.   This valuable experience taught me to be honest with myself and how to move forward with authenticity.”  – J.C., Washington, D.C.

“I have been able to make a better connection with my body, mind, and spirit.  Halli has served as a great role model to me as someone who lives her life in a balanced and peaceful state.   You can’t help but feel better in her presence!” – C.N., Santa Fe, NM

“Halli was so great, she never made me feel like I had too much going and that I shouldn’t be doing all of it at the same time!  She helped me create a weekly schedule to fit everything in.  She also helped me keep my inner critic at bay and helped me see more of my own strengths.  Halli allowed me to open my soul to her and never judged me,  so I could see the good person that I am.  She is so personable, easy to trust and helped me get through all the things in my way to being who I have always dreamed I could be.” – S. N., New Jersey

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