Halli helps free women from not-enoughness. She shows her clients how to transform fear and anxiety into self-love and personal power. She believes true happiness comes from creating internal spaciousness, self-compassion, and relaxation.
Halli is a certified life coach, senior level yoga & meditation teacher, and has been practicing and teaching for the past 25 years.
In 1992, she had a near-fatal accident and an out-of-body experience she is still unpacking. With more than twenty years of study in yogic teachings, meditation, ancient and modern spirituality, depth psychology, healing and energy medicine, she brings a rare sincerity and intuition to her coaching and teaching.  She is also a licensed (non-practicing) massage therapist, a certified craniosacral therapist, a reiki master and is currently pursuing a post baccalaureate in studio art. She has a B.A. in theatre arts.