Are you a woman just exhausted by painful insecurity, trying to get approval from others, and feeling like you’re never enough?

Joyful, liberated living comes from the self-knowledge that results from consistently and lovingly learning how to treat yourself with kindness. Learn how to slow down and tune in to your own internal wisdom. Get still, find serenity, find the part of you that never changes and will never judge you. I’ll show you how to build a revolutionary, daily spiritual practice—where you get honest about ALL your feelings while reinforcing the parts of you that are wise, interesting, evolving, satisfied, and empowered.

What does it mean to be a spiritual warrior?

Being a spiritual warrior means you are shifting the status quo of ordinary living into an uncommon existence as a co-creator in your own life. This means acknowledging the mysteries and embracing a code of personal integrity as dictated by your soul, or true self. 


 1. You have heard the call (or quest) to pursue self-discovery and self-knowledge to live in greater alignment with your true self.

 2. You embrace the challenges in your life, for the opportunities for spiritual purification, important learning, looking beyond appearances and digging deeper.                                 

 3. You implement, with conviction, the known practices of the ages (such as meditation and yoga) to build and maintain a container for your spiritual growth, which is a practice of self-love.

4. You allow yourself time for introspection, rest and integration, for this is where wisdom and personal power becomes available.


About Halli

Halli is a certified spiritual life coach, senior level yoga & meditation teacher, voice teancher with more than 35 years of training and experience. She sources her transformative work with clients from years of studying ancient eastern philosophies (especially the yogic texts, Buddhist ideals, the Tao, and Aikido), science, modern depth psychology, creativity (visual arts, voice & movement) and mysticism. Along her healing journey and near-death experience, she became a licensed massage therapist, a certified craniosacral therapist, a reiki master, earned a B.A in Theatre Arts and is currently studying for her Masters In Illustration at Cardiff School of Art & Design in Wales, UK. 
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