About Halli Bourne

Halli helps her clients transform fear and anxiety into opportunities for self-knowledge, personal power and self-actualization. Working with seekers and creatives, she provides tools, teachings, and practices to build personal power and to infuse life with meaning, sensuality, and inspiration. She believes true happiness and a sense of purpose comes from creating internal spaciousness, self-compassion, and authenticity.

Halli is a certified creativity and spiritual coach, and she has been practicing and teaching yoga and meditation for the past 25 years. In 1992, she had a near-fatal accident and an out-of-body experience she is still unpacking. Halli Bourne shares the wisdom she has gained on this path as a visual artist, a writer & poet, a vocalist, a dancer, an environmental activist, a psychonaut and a yogini. Halli dwells in the places between worlds and shares what she learns. With more than twenty years of study in yogic teachings, meditation, ancient and modern spirituality, depth psychology, healing and energy medicine, she brings a rare sincerity and intuition to her coaching and teaching. In the presence of her wisdom, empathy and insight, clients and students are empowered to turn within, to discover and calibrate their inner compass for a life lived from the inside out.  She is also a licensed (non-practicing) massage therapist, a certified craniosacral therapist, a reiki master.  She has a B.A. in theatre arts and sees life as an organic unfolding of ineffable spirit… an opportunity to live every moment with passion and human artfulness.