The Body Mind Soul Intensive

with Halli Bourne

6 weeks to awakened personal power

build your daily practice

In this emerging New World you want to be a part of creating, the state of your inner life becomes your most valuable currency. In the world now crumbling and falling away, you were valued for what you produced and who you were with, or at the very least, for the appearance of being productive and "successful", and this has left you feeling exhausted and burned out, like a spinning top that will eventually tumble over. You have suspected for a long while some part of you is asking for something gentler, more sustainable, more satisfying and fulfilling. And in the face of intense change lies a tremendous opportunity to give yourself permission to finally acknowledge, to heal, and nurture your inner life.

That’s just what the 6-week, Body Mind Soul Intensive aims to do. With two remote, one-to-one sessions with me each week for six weeks:

… you’ll discover fresh and effective ways to channel your uncomfortable emotions…

… you’ll cultivate the self-compassion you need to retire old beliefs and behaviors you’ve outgrown, and… 

… develop an empowering plan for the Future Self you are now living into to contribute to all corners of your world and the world at large.

This body mind intensive includes each week for six weeks:

✦ One private, interactive online yoga & meditation class to create your home practice for resilience, calm and peace as you navigate this New World.

✦ One live, online coaching session where you’ll identify the beliefs and behaviors you’re ready to surrender, determine the direction you desire most for your life right now, and designate a strategy to manifest the Future Self you are ready to become.

✦ Based on the balancing your chakra centers, you'll learn techniques, practices and approaches you can apply to continuously become the best version of yourself

This intensive is for you if you are:

✦ ready to challenge all unproductive narratives about how your life isn’t working for you

 committed to taking 100% responsibility for your reactions, feelings, and narratives about who you are and who you think you have to be for love and acceptance to be “yours”

 self-determined and self-motivated to explore unfamiliar (and sometimes uncomfortable) ideas, concepts and techniques designed to lead you into new and elevated ways of being 

 prepared to shift all blame of others and yourself and step into the role of a powerful creator in your life experience

Quarantine Rate (until further notice) - $1100 + tax USD

You will leave this intensive with crucial tools to look respectfully inside, shift unproductive moods, and a build foundation on which to continue your inspiring, fulfilling, meaningful life.

If this sounds like you, complete the questionnaire below to request a Discovery Session with me.