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A Continuous Creative Flow

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Creativity can be a conundrum and inspiration fickle. Creative blocks can sneak in stealthily or topple you brutally like running into a glass door. Greg Levin, in his blog Continuing To Create When Not Feeling Continuously Creative, speaks from his vantage as a writer and offers ways to keep yourself creating even when “every atom inside you beckons you to call it quits and become an alcoholic.”

Many creators hang themselves from a masterpiece hook. If one is feeling the work they’re putting out is less than masterpiece-quality, they will instead choose not to create. In Levin’s words: “What’s important is realizing and accepting that not every word or paragraph or page you create will be brilliant. When you realize and accept that, it takes the pressure off and frees you up to let things flow.”

In passively waiting for inspiration, creative flow is stifled. A sustainable path to creativity comes from understanding that every emotion, including impatience with the quality of output, can be channeled. Check out more of Levin’s accessible advice on keeping the creativity going here:


One comment on “A Continuous Creative Flow

jon cottin

The “masterpiece hook” is a trick we play on ourselves to stop writing. To keep at it, I devote myself to tidying up the work I’ve done so far; finding better words, or tightening a phrase. Working in details, to better sketch out a character. Surgically excise some words.


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