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A Continuous Creative Flow

Creativity can be a conundrum and inspiration fickle. Creative blocks can sneak in stealthily or topple you brutally like running into a glass door. Greg Levin, in his blog Continuing To Create When Not Feeling Continuously Creative, speaks from his… Continue Reading…


Don’t wait to create!

Many of us are accustomed to telling ourselves we will finish our novel, or finally put our art show together, or address our performance anxiety when things are calmer or any of the sundry reasons we generate that keeps us… Continue Reading…


Scapegoating Time

  This writing is copyrighted and the exclusive work of Halli Bourne of True Self Wellness, LLC. I want to go ahead of Father Time with a scythe of my own.    ~H.G. Wells Poor time.  It gets the blame for… Continue Reading…

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