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Scapegoating Time

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This writing is copyrighted and the exclusive work of Halli Bourne of True Self Wellness, LLC.

I want to go ahead of Father Time with a scythe of my own.    ~H.G. Wells

Poor time.  It gets the blame for everything we fail to accomplish, fit in or realize.  I would, if I just had the time…I meant to, but ran out of time…I don’t have the time to work out, practice yoga, meditate, etcetera.  There are those who claim time is merely a spatial construct dependent entirely upon perspective and therefore, linear time is an illusion.  Some philosophers contend the only time that exists is the time unfolding in the present; hence the past exists exclusively in our memory and the future is simply imagining.  Still others claim linear time will collapse on December 21, 2012 and we may find time has run out once and for all.  Yet in each of these scenarios, time is the scapegoat while we remain personally unaccountable for how we are choosing to spend our time right now.

Here are some suggestions for letting time off the hook:

1)      Begin to listen for when you scapegoat time for things you want to accomplish.

2)      Make a list of 10 ways for how you would rather be spending your time.

3)      Make a list detailing how you are currently spending your time and rate them from least important to most important.

4)      Inquire into what is in your way of spending your time the way you want to.

5)      Devise a brief and simple plan to eliminate just one of the obstacles you identified. Once you dissolve one obstacle, you will find inspiration to tackle the next one.

6)      Become accountable for your choices.

7)      Take action.

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