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Don’t wait to create!


Many of us are accustomed to telling ourselves we will finish our novel, or finally put our art show together, or address our performance anxiety when things are calmer or any of the sundry reasons we generate that keeps us from creating. How much of what we are telling ourselves are legitimate reasons and how many of these reasons would be revealed as excuses? Engaging in creativity is a vital act of meaning-making. It contextualizes our life and ultimately gives voice to an essential component of our humanity. When we wait for perfect conditions, or even for inspiration to hit, we rob ourselves of crucial, personal expression that helps us make sense out of unique human experience.

It is one thing to desire a creative life and another thing entirely to generate the optimal conditions for it to exist. The commitment to creativity is a decision to turn away from the world’s incessant reverberations about who we should be, and a turning toward an active yet quiet state of mind where our brains and hearts can unite in a soul-nourishing way.

Eric Maisel, a preeminent creativity coach and author, speaks to the necessity for creating “in the middle of things” in order to make appreciable progress. Daily life will inevitably present countless, seemingly viable reasons not to create, for modern life has relegated creativity to a luxury—unless of course one’s creativity can be commodified. At its source, creativity arises from openness, passion and true seeing. It feeds our need to process and express, and links us to our sense of place in the world born out of our own private impulse and vision.

Don’t wait to create! Not sure what’s in your way or how to get started? Email me at hallibourne@true-self-coaching.com to schedule a half-hour complimentary enrollment conversation to start creating now.

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