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When Relaxation Becomes Crucial

  Stress. It is an American reality, a preoccupation and a conundrum. Stress is making us unhealthy and breathless, short on empathy and deficient of purpose. There is just so much to do, yet how many of us know why… Continue Reading…


YOGA NIDRA: learn relaxation from the ancients

A two-hour workshop with Halli Bourne  Saturday, March 5, 2016 at Wellspring Yoga  3:00-5:00pm Yoga Nidra, or ‘the sleep of yogis,’ has been used for millennia to achieve alert relaxation and heightened inner awareness. The practice of engaging non-judgmental presence… Continue Reading…


Mindfulness Stress Busters: how to manage stress through mind-changing awareness

•Are you feeling overwhelmed by the daily grind and find your health and happiness suffering? •Do you feel bogged down in the small stuff? •Do you crave a way to detach and recharge? If you answered YES to any of… Continue Reading…

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