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When Relaxation Becomes Crucial

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Stress. It is an American reality, a preoccupation and a conundrum. Stress is making us unhealthy and breathless, short on empathy and deficient of purpose. There is just so much to do, yet how many of us know why we’re doing all that we do? And how much more must we do before we’re allowed to relax? I’ve heard myself and others talk about feeling exhausted with hopelessness, as though there is no solution and no end in sight. Do we fear we’ll be seen as lazy if we’re not constantly reporting how busy we are? Are we avoiding the inner voice calling us to look deeper, demanding something be changed?

Stress is a pointer, a biofeedback mechanism indicating the need to slow down, to tune in, to reset. In befriending the messages our stress is delivering, we have a choice to make in our own best self-interest—to address the source of our stress, to welcome the tranquility that is our birthright and refill our depleted internal stores.

How do we listen to the messages of our stress? I’m excited to announce I’ll be leading a mindfulness workshop to do just that at Bhava Yoga Studio in downtown Albuquerque on Saturday, August 27. Stress Busters will provide you with tools to detach and recharge, reconnecting you with your inner compass. Through yoga, breath, meditation and self-reflection, you’ll learn how to see what stresses you out with new eyes, accessing a sense of calm and hope that we can experience life differently.

In October, I’ll be hosting our first-ever Wellness & Yoga weekend retreat at Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort & Spa. In the serene setting of the Santa Ana Pueblo, participants will enjoy yoga and walking meditation to bring the mind and body back into sync, facilitated journaling for self-inquiry and awareness, a luxurious treatment at our award-winning spa, and cultural experiences such as watercolor painting (with wine!), clay pot-making and a healthy-eating demonstration.

You have more power over your stress than perhaps you know. The way you feel inside matters and to begin changing the way you feel, relaxation becomes crucial. Come learn and relax with me.

Sharing a deep breath with you,



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Stress Busters: a mindfulness workshop with Halli Bourne
Saturday, August 27, 2016   3:00-5:00pm
Bhava Yoga Studio, Albuquerque, NM

Overwhelmed by the daily grind?
Ready to change the way you feel inside?

Slowing down gives us the opportunity to tune in, reassess and let go. Mindfulness teaches care for our inner experience and helps us find calm in the midst of whatever is happening. Stress Busters includes instruction and discussion, self-reflective writing, yoga postures to ease the body and engage the senses, and guided meditation.

Find all the details for participation and registration here.

Tamaya Resort & Spa
Tamaya’s First Annual Wellness & Yoga Retreat
October 28-30, 2016
Hyatt Regency, Santa Ana Pueblo, NM

With Life Coach, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Halli Bourne, as your guide, come restore your mind, body and spirit on a journey into wellness amidst the spiritual surroundings of Santa Ana Pueblo. Ceremonies of intention, yoga, meditation, pot-making, wine and watercolors, a signature spa treatment, and healthy eating will bring you back to who you know yourself to be.

Find all the details for participation and registration here.

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