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Mindfulness Support For Your New Year

When you look back at the passing of 2015, are you struck by all the ways you’ve been content or do the upsetting moments come to mind?  The ups and downs of daily life can challenge us all and having the right support can make all the difference.  My offerings for 2016 are designed to infuse your life with the insight and vitality that mindfulness brings.

Here are ways I can support you with prioritizing self-care in the new year:

Life Coaching – Customized, one-on-one hourly sessions to help you identify and dissolve obstacles in the way of your moving forward. Offered in person at my Bernalillo, NM office, or remotely via telephone and Skype/Facetime:  $85/session; Locals Discount for New Mexico residents, $75/session.

Meditation and Mindfulness Training – An instructional program based in yogic philosophy and ancient Eastern teachings that introduces the tenants of mindfulness, mentors you in their application, and supports you in developing a daily meditation practice. Offered in remotely-based 3-month and six-month packages. For the month of January, I’m giving a 10% discount off the total cost: for the 3-month Package, a $135 savings; for the 6-month Package, a $320 savings. For more information on this transformational program, click here.

Private Yoga Instruction – Customized, one-on-one lessons to target your specific body/mind/spirit needs. Offered in person at my Bernalillo, NM office:  $70/hr; $90/1.5 hrs.

Cranial Sacral Therapy – Gentle, clothed, hands-on treatment to soothe the nervous system and stimulate the body’s innate healing mechanisms. Offered in person at my Bernalillo, NM office: $70/hrs;$95/1.5hrs.

For more information or to schedule support for your new year’s goals, call (505) 249-4981 or email hallibourne@true-self-coaching.com


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