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Ocean’s Breath: Riding the Waves of Bliss in Maui March 14-20, 2015

Missing the sun’s warmth? Are you yearning for a luscious tropical break that will not only relax you but soothe your soul?


Imagine unbelievable waterfalls, lush and verdant mountains, tranquil ocean breezes, crystalline azure seas, expansive breaths and a fluid, easy body…Marisa Wolfe and I will be leading a spring yoga and meditation experience on the glorious island of Maui where we will dive deeply into the direct sensation of BLISS.

Hana Highway

Our philosophy and practice when we lead retreats is that this is YOUR time. We strive to provide you with exciting adventures to stretch your boundaries, while also allowing plenty of time to relax, renew and reconnect with your most central self. We honor the integrative, safe, aligned practices of Kripalu Yoga that draw the attention to the physical sensations of the body and the quality of breath in both movement and stillness.


All our classes are co-taught to offer you the best of our diverse abilities and to guide you on an adventure both internally and externally.

Come enjoy your life with us! Check out all the details at www.mauiyogaadventure.com


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