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One-on-One Virtual Meditation Program for YOU!

So proud and excited to be launching my signature, one-on-one virtual meditation program. Meditation teaches you how to live with greater purpose, liberation and fulfillment. ‘Tis a radical turning away from bigger-better-faster-more to slowing down and tuning in. ‘Tis so worth doing…



  • Do you feel overwhelmed by daily events or circumstances beyond your control?
  • Do you find yourself thinking incessantly and struggle to ever truly relax?
  • Are you stuck in recurring emotions you don’t know how to move beyond?

Synthesizing 25 years of study in meditation, yogic philosophy, psychology, and brain-based approaches to stress and self-actualization, Slow Down, Tune In™ will support you in recognizing your unique stress responses, develop a new respect for your life’s purpose, and initiate a sustainable 30-minute daily meditation practice.

As an experienced guide and mentor, I not only help you avoid common pitfalls of a fledging meditation practice, but also support you in establishing a life-long inner resource that will serve you far beyond this training. Email me today to schedule a conversation!


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