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YOGA NIDRA: learn relaxation from the ancients

A two-hour workshop with Halli Bourne  Saturday, March 5, 2016 at Wellspring Yoga  3:00-5:00pm Yoga Nidra, or ‘the sleep of yogis,’ has been used for millennia to achieve alert relaxation and heightened inner awareness. The practice of engaging non-judgmental presence… Continue Reading…


From Thinking To Being: The Mindful Solution To Daily Stress

Thinking, thinking, thinking. The mind is a stream, a rapid succession of thought layered upon thought, into a swirl of fear, hope, loathing, delight, discomfort, anger, relief and pain, where calm and peace for many of us are but mental… Continue Reading…


How To Take the Leap Into Radical Self-Care

If you want to do your best for future generations of humanity, for your friends and family, you must begin by taking good care of yourself.                            … Continue Reading…


Getting Out of Our Own Way

This writing is copyrighted and the exclusive work of Halli Bourne of True Self Wellness, LLC. “Self-defeating behavior…is a poison preventing us from achieving the love, success and happiness we want for our lives.”      ~ Mark Goulston &… Continue Reading…

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