With more than fifteen years of experience teaching workshops and classes, Halli presents with sincerity, passion and wisdom.  Her interactive style includes humor, rich metaphor and relatability, providing students with understanding and clear, practical steps for applying what they learn to their own lives.

Meditation Logistics With Humor

Halli Bourne

Teachings On Compassion & Surrender

Halli Bourne

Meditation For Real People:  From Mystique To Effective Practice

  • Are you one of those people who feels your mind is too busy to meditate
  • Have you tried meditation before and felt you couldn’t stick with it?
  • Are you someone who has been put off by meditation’s association with ashrams, gurus and chanting?

Meditation For Real People is a simple, research-based method of stabilizing the mind by drawing it into the present moment. While thinking is a natural process of the mind, most of us spend our time rehashing the past, fantasizing about the way things could be, or rehearsing for the future; as a result we are very seldom in the here and now. Meditation is a skill and requires practice to develop.

This Workshop:

  • Clearly defines what meditation is and is not
  • Explores obstacles in the way of successful meditation
  • Cultivates awareness of the present moment through the senses and the breath
  • Initiates a relationship with letting go and opening to pure sensation

Stress Busters:  how to manage stress with mind-changing awareness

  • Overwhelmed by the daily grind?
  • Crave a way to detach and recharge?
  • Ready to change the way you feel inside?

Slowing down gives us the opportunity to tune in, reassess and let go.  Mindfulness teaches care for our inner experience and helps us find calm in the midst of whatever is happening to us or around us.

This Workshop:

  • Introduces basic tenets of mindfulness and meditation
  • Provides accessible, on-the-spot practices to shift your experience of stress
  • Cultivates awareness of the present moment through the senses and the breath
  • Helps you find healthier ways of dealing with the challenges of everyday life  

Stress Busters includes instruction and discussion, self-reflective writing, yoga postures to ease the body and engage the senses, and guided meditation.

Yoga Nidra:  Learn Relaxation From the Ancients

Vitalize your spirit with internal sensory awareness.

Yoga Nidra, or ‘the sleep of yogis,’ has been used for millennia to achieve alert relaxation and heightened inner awareness. The practice of engaging non-judgmental presence and compassionately looking within grants us the power to transform disturbances in our physical, emotional and mental fields. This form of self-care encourages healing at the deepest levels, and fosters acceptance, personal freedom and joy.

This Workshop:

  • Includes a brief self-reflective writing exercise
  • Yoga postures to ease the body
  • A 45-minute Yoga Nidra practice

Trancendent Yoga Dance:  A Soulful Expedition of Pulse and Exhilaration

In the tradition of tribal culture where communities come together for healing and ceremony, Trancendent Yoga Dance takes you on a journey where dance is prayer and music is celebration. Enter into a respite from intellectual thought through this sensual guided exploration of breath and organic, creative movement. Open to your unique expression from your most fundamental human yearning for joy and connection, allowing the rhythm of ritual to draw you into an egoless state of exultation. This is a stirring voyage is led to the beat of the best trance music.  Dance experience is unnecessary!

This Workshop:

  • Connects you with shared intention and authentic physical expression
  • Grants you permission to experience pure, unadulterated joy
  • Releases pent-up emotion and gives way to new understanding