With more than 25 years of experience teaching workshops and classes, Halli presents with sincerity, passion and wisdom.  Her interactive style includes humor, rich metaphor and relatability, providing students with understanding and clear, practical steps for applying what they learn to their own lives.

Teachings On Meditation

Halli Bourne

Teachings On Compassion & Surrender

Halli Bourne


Healing Grief Through Ritual:  a women’s ceremony for transforming your personal sorrow & the sorrows of the world  

January 31, 2020 – 6 – 8pm Bernalillo, NM

Grieving can be a lonely process. Come connect with your sisters and the human family in this ritual for release and renewal

2019 was brutal for many people, myself included. I’ve heard many people say that the holiday rituals left them feeling empty as they struggled with integrating their personal loss as well as the seeming loss of civility and kindess in civic discourse, and the loss of our environment.

In response, I am offering a women’s ritual at my house on January 31 as a way to support each other in transforming our sorrow through telling our stories of both grief and hope. If you’re in northern New Mexico, I invite you to join us for this special ceremony of connection to all life so that we can release what makes us sad and open to ways of being which invite renewal and directed action

  • Tell your story of grief that’s got you stuck and the story that will take you forward.
  • Let your grief open your heart to help transform the loss the world over.
  • Connect to women who will understand you and support you in your transformation.

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Getting Unstuck with Yoga:  applying ancient techniques for personal power & happiness – 2.5 hours

Feel like you’re speeding through your life with no center and no energy?

Despite popular thought, HAPPINESS DOES NOT ARISE FROM PERFECT CONDITIONS: the right job, the right relationship, the right house, etc. In this intensive workshop, we will apply ancient yogic practices to empower you… revealing contentment within you – THIS IS WHERE HAPPINESS COMES FROM. We will stir up stuck energy and direct moving energy in specific ways to both witness and calm down extraneous energy. For millennia before yoga was reduced to a trendy workout, yoga was an elegant system for self-actualization. Postures (asana), Breathwork (pranayama) and Meditation (dyana) were intended to loosen the grip of the ego to reveal the True Self. The ancient yogis understood that consciousness is energy. And when energy gets stuck, so does consciousness. Discover a new level of your personal power! All levels of yoga and meditation experience are welcome.

  • Learn how to direct your energy wisely for greater peace and effectiveness in your life
  • Experience how loosening the grip of your ego can bring you more awareness, internal ease and wisdom
  • Enjoy the open-handed reality of meditation after a powerful yogic practice

Envisioning Your Life:  a yoga, meditation & creativity workshop – 3.5 hours

  • Have you lost direction for your life? Do you yearn for a fresh way to connect with what you really want for yourself?

A vision board is an illustrated, free-style road map meant to represent your dreams and desires and sets the energy in motion for you to attract them into your life. In this workshop, we shift into a creative mindset through yoga, meditation, breath and visualization to joyfully create your vision board. Come with a light heart, a curious mind and an excitement for your creative future! All levels of yoga, meditation, and artistic ability are welcome.

  • Center yourself through yoga and meditation
  • Reconnect with your imagination
  • Set powerful intentions through creative play and focus

Yoga Nidra:  learn transformative relaxation from the ancients – 2 hours

Wish you had a way to silence all the white noise in your head so you can finally relax? 

Yoga Nidra, or ‘the sleep of yogis,’ a guided meditation, has been used for millennia to achieve alert relaxation and heightened awareness of the inner life. The practice of engaging non-judgmental presence while compassionately looking within grants you the power to transform disturbances in your physical, emotional and mental fields. This form of self care encourages healing at the deepest levels, fostering acceptance, freedom from outmoded beliefs, recognition and realization, and unmitigated joy. No experience is necessary.

  • Experience the truth of who you are when the ego grows quiet
  • Connect with witness consciousness through intentional surrender
  • Discover relaxed physical and mental states for self-healing

Trancendent Yoga Dance:  a community odyssey of freestyle movement inspired by groove-driven music – 2 hours

Do you ever yearn to lose yourself in the flow of dance and music in the spirit of universal love and healing? 

In the tradition of tribal culture where communities come together for healing and ceremony, Trancendent Yoga Dance takes you on a journey where dance is prayer and music is celebration. Enter into a respite from intellectual thought through this sensual guided exploration of breath and organic, creative movement. Open to your unique expression from your most fundamental human yearning for joy and connection, allowing the rhythm of ritual to draw you into an egoless state of exultation. This stirring voyage is led to the beat of the best trance music.  Dance experience is unnecessary!

  • Connect with shared intention and authentic physical expression
  • Open to the potential for pure, unadulterated joy
  • Release pent-up emotion and receive physical and spiritual healing

Mantra & the Power of Chanting: raise your vibration and your power over the elements – 2 hours

Do you wish for a way to raise your frequency so you can feel the way you want to feel? 

Mantra, spoken word, prayer and affirmation have been used in
virtually all religions and meditative traditions for millennia. Mantra Japa, or chanting, is a powerful tool for meditation and personal transformation. Based on the science of sound as the vibrational source of creation, mantra gathers and directs energy into healing, awakening, manifestation and more.

  • Explore the power of sacred sound to create energy for change in your life
  • Shift out of ordinary, rational consciousness into transcendence
  • Expand your lungs, free your voice and open your mind.