“Halli taught me how breath, energy, and spirit are all intertwined. The very real work through which Halli guides me has opened the way for great healing of my flesh and my spirit.”  – W.P., Albuquerque, NM 


Slow Down. Tune In.

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by daily events or circumstances beyond your control?
  • Do you find yourself thinking incessantly and struggle to ever truly relax?
  • Are you stuck in recurring emotions you don’t know how to move beyond?

Mindfulness and meditation fosters inner calm and greater compassion toward yourself and others as you encounter life’s changeability and challenge.  The practice of tuning within focuses your awareness, helps you respect your feelings, and broadens your perspective.  Mindfulness connects you to a ground of being that perceives without judgment, no matter what is happening around you.

Slow Down, Tune In™ One-on-One Virtual Meditation Training

As an experienced guide and mentor, I not only help you avoid common pitfalls of a fledging meditation practice, but also support you in transcending what’s been holding you back.  The more you understand what motivates your action or inaction, and the more you shift habitual strategies into intentional ones, the more possible it becomes to experience contentment.

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Halli Bourne


  • Honed focus and self-awarness
  • access to positive emotions like joy and contentment
  • Reduced symptoms of stress 
  • Greater psychological and emotional ease 
  • Compassionate connection with self and others