Meditation Training Packages

Within your desire to grow quiet and still, you embark on a noble, deeply personal journey with an experienced guide.

Slow Down, Tune In

9-Week Meditation Program

This program is comprised of nine, hour-long weekly instruction sessions with me via telephone, Skype/Facetime. These body-based practices draw from the sophisticated and practical techniques of yogic and eastern philosophies, western psychology, spirituality, and modern science.


Interactive Live TrainingWithout the appropriate context, learning meditation can seem like a non sequitur in our age of overscheduling. In this one-on-one setting, we honor the ancient tradition where one teacher disseminates spiritual knowledge for the benefit of one earnest student.

  • Guided Exercises Each session contains an exercise crafted in order for you to have a direct experience of the teachings offered. These exercises reinforce what you’re learning while building the foundation for your sustainable meditation practice.
  • Facilitated Self-reflection You will be given homework to complete outside of sessions that includes note-taking or journaling, practices born of the session exercises, and an Accountability & Progress form that will be filled out and returned prior to each session. What you learn in the course of each session is vital to your process, yet what you contemplate and practice on your own outside of sessions is crucial. This facilitated self-reflection is the place for your discovery and integration.
  • Three Recorded Practice Audios These downloadable, professionally-mastered audios contain the primary techniques you’ll be working with throughout the course of the program to build your meditation practice. These practices center around focusing on the mind through body and breath awareness and provide the opportunity for you to practice at home.

Slow-Down, Tune In

12-Weeks: Meditation Program with Life Coaching – The Love Yourself Now! Package

Learning to love yourself can be a marvelous adventure. You can go beyond merely coping by compassionately cultivating your inner life, transforming your negative self-talk, and learning how to make your decisions out of self-respect. This package is about shifting your focus from looking outside yourself for acceptance and validation by turning inward, where the only real acceptance exists.

Added Value:

  • Personalized Life Coaching Here we apply the benefits of meditation and mindfulness to your daily life as we explore the areas where mindlessness and unnecessary suffering are in the way of you enjoying your own company and embracing what brings you joy.