Meditation Coaching

Halli taught me how breath, energy, and spirit are all intertwined. The very real work through which Halli guides me has opened the way for great healing of my flesh and my spirit.”

– W.P., Albuquerque

Slow Down. Tune In. Love Yourself Now.

Become who you’ve always been and learn to love yourself like no one else.
These two live, 1:1, virtual courses:
… cultivates your inner life through consistent practice of meditation & breathing techniques
… deepens your spiritual connection & develop self-mastery
… teaches you how to recognize, acknowledge and respond to your physical, emotional and mental stress responses

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Halli Bourne
  • self-awareness & self-love
  • positive emotions like joy & contentment
  • better at handling stress 
  • more resilient
  • enjoy your own company

9-Weeks to Becoming Who You’ve Always Been

12-Weeks to Loving Yourself Like No One Else

Slow Down, Tune In™ and Love Yourself Now™ will support you in developing a new respect for how you treat yourself  and others and guide you into building a sustainable 30-minute daily meditation practice.