The Love Yourself Now! Meditation Course

with Halli Bourne

12 weeks to loving yourself like no one else

When you're looking for love but you don't love yourself, you'll feel perpetually frustrated and unfulfilled. Yet when you slow down and tune into your own gifts of creativity and purpose, love and meaning are drawn naturally to you. 

Learning to love yourself is a life-changing odyssey, transforming your experience of life into a daily adventure, where you learn to enjoy your own company. You go beyond merely coping with difficulty by compassionately cultivating your inner life, challenging your negative self-talk, and learning how to make all your decisions from a new foundation of self-respect and honor. 

This one-of-a-kind course is about shifting your focus from looking outside yourself for validation to turning inward where the only real acceptance exists. We will objectively examine all the ways you marginalize, ignore, and mistreat yourself… and learn how to see yourself through the eyes of Universal Love. The heart of this exploration is Self Love.

This intensive course leads you out of beliefs, behaviors and self-concepts of unworthiness and into compassionate, nonjudgmental being, changing your experience of yourself and the world around you forever.


This meditation course includes:

✦ Twelve, 1-hour, live video-call sessions per week --- a dynamic exchange of inquiry, guided experiences, and instructions on what real self-love looks like

✦ The Love Yourself Now! Course Handbook

✦ 3 professionally-mastered, downloadable audios for you to practice the techniques at home

✦ E-mail support between sessions

✦ Techniques, practices and approaches you can apply and develop throughout the rest of your life to keep you tuned into your most fundamental truth about who you are and how to continuously become the best version of yourself

This course is for you if you are:

✦ ready to challenge all unproductive narratives about how your life isn’t working for you

 committed to taking 100% responsibility for your reactions, feelings, and narratives about who you are and who you think you have to be for love and acceptance to be “yours”

 self-determined and self-motivated to explore unfamiliar (and sometimes uncomfortable) ideas, concepts and techniques designed to lead you into new and elevated ways of being 

 prepared to shift all blame of others and yourself and step into the role of a powerful creator in your life experience

If this sounds like you, complete the questionnaire below to request a Discovery Session with me.

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The investment for this course is $1,499.00 + tax. You will leave this program with a 30-minute daily meditation practice, creative tools to look respectfully inside and shift unproductive moods, and a foundation on which to continue building an inspiring, fulfilling, meaningful life.

Love Yourself Now! 

About Halli Bourne

Halli has been studying, practicing and teaching yoga and meditation for the past 25 years while living a wild and precious life as an actor, director, poet, writer, musician, vocalist, songwriter, dancer, visual artist and psychonaut. As a Meditation & Creativity Coach, Halli works with meaning-seekers in their second act of life to unclog creative backups, infuse stale projects with new life, turning your life into a work of art.

Visit her website at 

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